Shikari – O.R.K.Z. Rehearsalrooms

We always rehearsed in the squatted hospital O.R.K.Z. (Oude Rooms Katholiek Ziekenhuis). From 1999 we rehearsed a couple of years in a tiny drumroom (2×2 mtr) rented by Eva Cavia but eventually we got a really big room (and used the drumroom for storage although bands were still rehearsing). Catweazle used this place 8 years every week. When we had 2 guitarplayers, one did not fit and had to stay outside with the guitarcable going under the door. In summertime, water came flowing down the walls because of the heat.

The big rehearsal 05.2009
The tiny drumroom
Rehearsing for the final gig on 05.05.2009
When Jacco Veenstra became the new tenant, we cleaned the place on 9.11.2005
With Gert Plas
Look at those sticks!
Reuniontime! 04.04.2009
The door of the small rehearsal hasn’t changed in all those years! 07.09.2019