(2018 – 2020)

Meaning Bandname: Setsunai is Japanese for a strong emotion such as sorrow, suffering and pain. The band choses a Japanese name because most English names are already taken or sound cliché.

Bio: Not In This Lifetime was writing new songs sounding slightly different than the material on the demo and full length. Also Guns And Roses named their reunion tour “Not In This Lifetime“ resulting in minimum bandfinds on the internet and people think it’s a GnR coverband. Because of this, the name changes into Setsunai in 2018. An EP is recorded in Het Viadukt and will be released as an EP in 2019.

Description: Setsunai plays melodic hardcore, somewhat darker sounding than most genrebands (Modern Life Is War, Defeater, Verse, Touch Amore). Added with influences from blackmetal and melancholic rock.

Lyrics: They have a storytelling form with alot of metaphores. Topics are escapism, choices and the losing of oneself.

Marcel Siegers – drums
Rogier Bos – guitar
Martijn Pronk – guitar
Sander Oldersma – vocals
Jeroen Habets – bass

Other bands:
Marcel Siegers – Mon’strum, Lies!, Expulsion, Not In This Lifetime
Rogier Bos – Circuit, Expulsion, Not In This Lifetime
Martijn Pronk – Expulsion, Expulsion, Nemesea, Not In This Lifetime, Lies!
Sander Oldersma – Instil, Expulsion, Not In This Lifetime, The Hunger, Karbo, Lies!, Chain, Vindictive
Jeroen Habets – Lies!, Not In This Lifetime

2019 – Where Rivers Run Deep EP (Unreleased)