(1979 – 1980)

Meaning Bandname: Named after the PZ, the Provinciaal Ziekenhuis. A pychiatric hospital in Kennemerland.

Bio: From Haarlem. Formed by Roger and Rutger in 1979. After the pretty bad but very entertaining PZ Boys One tape, Mark joined the band. Inspired by Neo Punkz, Rondos, Crass but also U.K. Subs. In 1980 Stef and Allart joined. In this lineup alot of rehearsals are done plus one concert in the DAC. The band played own songs and punkcovers. Drummer Allart grew up in France and performed with alot of devotion a French language poem. The concert stopped because the hippy youthworkers removed the fuses. They just didn’t understand and appreciated the band. After Roger leaves the band, Allart also leaves because of work. Eventually Stef stops and Mark and Rutger start Squits. Their first songs came from the PZ Boys setlist. Most popular were the songs “Dikke Duitsers” and “Kreidler Boys”.

Description: Punk

Stef Vernooy – vocals
Mark Verburg – guitar
Rutger van Dijk – guitar
Roger Verhaart † – bass
Allart Okx aka OpAmp – drums

Other bands:
Stef Vernooy – The Lonely Hearts Killers
Rutger van Dijk – Squits, Bert van Leeuwenband, The Lonely Hearts Killers
Mark Verburg – Kickforce, Underfrog, Squits
Roger Verhaart – Gotcha
Allart Okx – Taillefer

1980 DAC, Haarlem

Source: Rutger van Dijk