(1982 – 1983)

Meaning Bandname: It’s the name for a B-17 bomberplane. In 1943, an English pilot/bombardier who had Murder Inc. on the back of his flight jacket was shot down and captured by the Germans who made much propaganda out of this.

Bio: From Leeuwarden and Heerenveen. In January 1982, Jan Switters and Andrew van Montfoort form a band with the name Riffelflix but eventually ask Leo van de Rol to use the name Murder Inc. Leo comes to play on guitar and Klara, girlfriend of Jan, as singer. After one practise in the Malicious Damage room, they’re asked to record for the Punk Live In Brouwershoeck LP. When there’s a new lineup in 1983, they change their name into Murder Inc. III.

Description: Punk

Leo van der Rol aka Tatoe – guitar
Jan Switters – drums
Klara Booij – vocals
Andrew van Montfoort – bass

Other bands:
Leo van der Rol – The Zipperz, Murder Inc., Ubangi 4, Murder Inc. III
Jan Switters – La Cosa Nostra, Kädävérbäk, Murder Inc. III
Andrew van Montfoort – The Zipperz, Holy Hell, Sick Flesh, Der Untergang

1982 – Nieuwe Koekrand 59

1982 – Murder Inc., Malicious Damage, Systematic Death TAPE (Frisian Fist, NL)
Recorded @ rehearsalroom, Heerenveen 07.10.1982

1982 – Various – Punk Live In Brouwershoeck LP (Sound & Vision, NL)

1982.02.14 Brouwershoeck, Leeuwarden (+ The Chops, Malicious Damage, Spoiled Sperm, The T-Shirts, Pin Baskets, Mortal Remains)
1982.02.26 De Eland, Delft (+ Systematic Death)
1982.10.29 De Eglantier, Wolvega (+ W.O. III)
1982.11.06 De Buze, Steenwijk (+ Alerta, Amsterdamned, La Résistance, W.O.III, Stanx)

1983.03.05 Pakhuis, Heerenveen (+ Boegies, Spoiled Sperm, Malicious Damage, Systematic Death)

@ De Eland, Delft 26.02.1982
@ De Eland, Delft 26.02.1982
@ De Eland, Delft 26.02.1982
@ De Pop-Oefen-Bunker, Leeuwarden
@ The rehearsalroom, Leeuwarden

Source: Friesch Poparchief, Nieuwe Koekrand, Andrew van Montfoort