(1977 – 1978)

Meaning Bandname: The concert with The Flyin’ Spiderz came very suddenly and the band had to impovise, hence the name.

Bio: It all started in Belgium! In August 1977, two 18 year old friends from Bergen op Zoom (Frank & Johan) went to the Jazz-Bilzen Festival. We’ve been to the same festival in 1976 as well and we than enjoyed the concerts of Status Quo, Kevin Ayers and Rick Wakeman a lot. This year we particularly went to the festival to see Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy and The Small Faces. We’ve read things in the paper about a new scene in the UK called Punk but we’ve never actually heard the music itself. Jazz-Bilzen was a 4-day festival and the first day (Thursday) was a day for less known bands. On that day we first saw Elvis Costello, next was The Damned and finally The Clash. We were amazed! The Energy! The Fury! The Rage (“This ain’t no fucking concentration-camp!” and the fence was gone). We enjoyed the rest of the festival but that Thursday was phenomenal and changed our musical compass. The first thing we did after we got back home was to cut our long hair and we decided to start our own Punkband. Johan already played the guitar, I bought a drumkit and we found our frontman and singer in Peter (no bass player, who cares). The name of our band was Improvisation! (we couldn’t find a better one) and after a few months we had our first (and only) gig. We supported The Flyin’ Spiderz in De Botte Hommel in Bergen op Zoom in February 1978. A few months later we split up, Peter joined a new, gothic band called After The Party as bass player and Johan and I tried to form a new band.

Description: Punk

Frank – drums
Johan – guitar
Peter – vocals

Other bands:
Frank – Henri’s Terrible Surprise, Bien Venue, Pink Strikes, Olalala
Johan – Henri’s Terrible Surprise, Bien Venue, Pink Strikes
Peter – After The Party

1978.02.24 De Botte Hommel, Bergen Op Zoom (+ The Flyin’ Spiderz)

Playlist 24.02.1978:
1. Intro
2. Better go to Hell
3. Chicken-eye
4. Abnormal Living
5. Don’t Like
6. Action
7. Hold on
8. Leather Stuff

Other songs:
Rotten World
What Happened

Source: Frank Holl