(1978 – 1980)

Meaning Bandname: Henri is the singer, the rest of the band is a Terrible Surprise.

Bio: From Bergen Op Zoom. Were called Improvisation. After a few months and different changes of personnel we had formed a new band; Johan changed from guitar to bass, I still played the drums, Bram played guitar and keyboard and our new frontman and singer was Henri. We called ourselves Henri’s Terrible Surprise. Our first gig was again in De Botte Hommel in Bergen op Zoom and for this occasion we had two guest players; Ad on guitar and Rick on sax, both members from the band Kriminalisz from Oudenbosch. We were still a punkband and the next two years we had several gigs (Breda – De Vappriek, Dordrecht – Hoge Landbouw School, Bergen op Zoom – Rijks Scholen Gemeenschap, Roosendaal – Fatimahuis). Some with more success than others. Slowly our music changed from Punk to more Dark (Eighties) Wave. For this reason we decided to change the name of the band in Bien Venue. We again had several gigs in local bars and at parties and we also played at a big No Nukes Demonstration in Woensdrecht December 1983. The next year we again changed the name of the band into Pink Strikes. As Pink Strikes we recorded 12 songs at Ron Konings Studio in Vrouwenpolder in August 1984. 4 off these songs were released on the (demo) cassette called Trial and Error. We kept on playing and had an occasional gig but no breakthrough or what’s so ever and in 1987 we split up after a final farewell gig in De Botte Hommel in Bergen op Zoom. In 2022 none of us, except for Frank, is playing in a band anymore. Frank plays drums in a new recently formed coverband called Olalala, we play songs like London Calling, Boys don’t Cry, Echo Beach.

Description: Punk

Frank – drums
Johan – bass
Bram – guitar, keyboard
Henri – vocals

Other bands:
Frank – Improvisation, Bien Venue, Pink Strikes, Olalala
Johan – Improvisation, Bien Venue, Pink Strikes
Bram – Bien Venue, Pink Strikes
Henri – Bien Venue, Pink Strikes

Concerts: (assorted)
1981.10.23 De Vappriek, Breda (+ more)
1981 Hoogerheide

Playlist Hoogerheide 06.1981
What Happened
Something Better Change (Stranglers)
Just Like That
Teenage Kicks (Undertones)
Warhead (U.K. Subs)
Destroy Control – Bauer Power
Flowers In Water
Chewing Gum
Mind Killing

Source: Frank Holl