(1979 – 1981)

Meaning bandname: To bury all other bands. Inspired by the cover of Sham 69’s “I Don’t Wanna” release.

Bio: From Amsterdam. In march 1979 Hansje Joustra from punkshop No Fun introduced singer Ralph Schippers to guitarplayer Pieter Kooijman. They started rehearsing with guitarplayer Kleis Sorgdrager and drummer Alinus van Wijk (bassplayer Dick Wals joined later) in an old school building. Within three months they played their first gig. Pieter left the band in december because he was too busy with Mecano. The band fell apart after this but was restarted by the end of 1980.

Description: Postpunk

Ralph Schippers aka Bo Bookshelf – vocals
Kleis Sorgdrager – guitar
Cees Holtman – drums (1980-1981)
Bas Scholten – bass (1981-1981)
Bas Raaijmakers – keyboards (1981-1981)

Pieter Kooijman – guitar (1979-1979)
Alinus van Wijk – drums (1979-1979)
Dick Wals – bass (1979-1979), guitar & keyboards (1980-1980)
Rob Rijnders – bass (1980-1980)

Other bands:
Pieter Kooijman – God’s Heart Attack, Helmettes, Mecano Ltd
Kleis Sorgdrager: Vincent 2, The Mob
Bas Scholten – Vincent 2, Van Vollenhoven
Cees Holtman – The Mob
Bo Bookshelf – The Mob

1981 – 3 song demo (Unreleased, NL)
Recorded @ Clifford Studio, Baambrugge

2005 – Ralph Schippers aka Bo Bookshelf Interview

1979.06.09 Dorpsjuweel, Amstelveen (+ The Scabs) (Open Air)
1979.09.29 Oktopus, Amsterdam (+ Storch)
1979.12.27 B.O.C., Amsterdam

1981.02.08 Squat Oudezijds Achterburgwal, Amsterdam
1981.04.30 Squat Oudezijds Achterburgwal, Amsterdam
1981.06.13 Oktopus, Amsterdam
1981.07.03 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ the Ex, Panic Special, A4, Necronomicon, Peter’s Nephew, Dead Language, Brothers & Friends)
1981.10.10 Squat Oudezijds Achterburgwal, Amsterdam

@ Paradiso, Amsterdam 03.07.1981 (© Johan Schaaphok)
@ Dorpsjuweel, Amstelveen 09.06.1979

Source: Ralph Schippers