(1992 – 1993)

Bio: Formed mid 1992 with originally Micky on guitar. Practises were mainly at the Gideon and a couple of coversongs are played like “My Old Man” in reggae style (Ian Dury And The Blockheads) and “I Like You Too” (The Muppets). Band split up late 1993 due to friction in the rhythm section. Reform in 2022 with a new drummer.

Lyrics: Septic wheelchairs, fast drugs and household appliances

Description: LSD psycho punk played in a traditional rock’n’roll setting

Steve Townsend † – drums
Dirk Veerman – bass
Alan – vocals
Richard Kiwie – guitar (1992-1993)

Mick – guitar (1992-1992)

Other bands:
Steve Townsend – Mad Punk Disease, Fermented, Giro Gurus, Septic Church Rats, O.D.Babe, Dog Ugly, 777, Scab, Space Junkies
Dirk Veerman – Dikke Løl, Dog Ugly, Drive By Elvis, Nobby Noxious And The Impregnators
Alan – Lavatory Attendants, Demented, Mazzo Blues, Sceptic Church Rats
Richard Kiwie – Fermented, Mad Punk Disease, O.D.Babe, Disorder, Boner, 2000 D.S.
Mick – Restarts, Coitus

Concerts: (assorted)
1993.09.18 Viadukt, Groningen (Yphobia, Tromatism, Fleas And Lice, Chronicore) (5 Jaar Viezemensenhuis)

1994.07.30 Gideon, Groningen (+ Maus, Coitus, Korrupt, Fermented, Yphobia, Dread Messiah, Fugue, Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys, Culture Slam, Screamer)

2018.12.01 Gideon, Groningen (+ Verkrust, Squanchers, Devoid, Hard Shoulder) 1 time reünion

Tours: (assorted)
Germany once and toured England with COITUS. Two gigs in Groningen.

live Glasfabriek, Groningen