(1988 – 1993)

Meaning Bandname: A wordplay. Dutch for Big Fun as well as Big Dick.

Bio: The band is put together when Janfie and Dirk live in a squat in the Blekerstraat. Practise in the Perfectie of the W.N.C. squat.

Description: Noise

Dirk Veerman – gitaar
Janfie Van Strien – drums
Jos – vocals

Other bands:
Dirk Veerman – Elvis Deadly And The Regulators, Dog Ugly, Drive By Elvis, Nobby Noxious And The Impregnators
Janfie Van Strien – Oerboere, Rancid Grannies, Jammah Tammah, Cousin X, Paul & André, Chuck Stars, De Jongens Driest, Bernie’s Lounge, Monsters From Outer Ska, Gina’s Band Of Blues, Maison Du Malheur, Combo Knus & Gezellig, Hasan Band, Raï One, Amsterdam Klezmer Band

Concerts: (assorted)
1988.11.11 W.N.C., Groningen (+ Means To An End, Catweazle)

1992.12.11 Mazzo, Groningen (+ Par 64, Do Or Die)