De Stipjes – Live In Vera TAPE 1995

Title: Live In Vera
Label: Little Dot, The Netherlands
Year: 06.1995
Recorded: Live @ Vera, Groningen 15.05.1995
A01. I Love My Job
A02. Silliconen
A03. Party Time
A04. (I Want My) Baby Back
B01. (I Ain’t Gonna) Take It No More
B02. Hey Mister
B03. Silliconen (Karaoke Version)
Comment: That night the band was supposed to be the opening act, supporting The Queers. But since The Queers had already abandoned their tour after one or two gigs the Vera had no choice other than having De Stipjes headline and call in a last minute support band from Germany by the name of UIT.
(A funny name for any German band seeing how *I* still need to meet the first German who can actually pronounce the Dutch UI sound.)

After the digraceful disqualification of De Stipjes at the local band contest (Pop=Prima, or as De Stipjes liked to called it Poep=Pies prijs) earlier that month De Stipjes had built up a reputation fast. Not the least because of local newspapers quoting the singer threatening one of the jury members in the previous qualifying round, saying: “Als de juryvoorzitter nu z’n bek niet houdt schop ik ‘m helemaal in elkaar”.

The night of these recordings Vera was packed with people (360 paying guests) hoping to catch a glimpse of this trio of alleged trouble makers.
And even though all three Stipjes were too nervous to tie their own shoe laces that night was a big success, giving the audience a chance to find out for themselves that De Stipjes were not tough or agressive and/or dangerous; no it became clear that they were just a bunch of retards who had no clue what they were doing but having fun doing it.

Bert van der Ro
(Stipjes biographer)