(March 1992 – 2018)

Concerts: (assorted)
1993.05.19 Fleas And Lice
1993.08.01 Coitus (UK), The Losers (UK)
1993.09.02 Brawl (IRE)
1993.09.15 Witch Knot (UK), Health Hazard (UK)
1993.09.23 Yphobia, Fleas And Lice
1993.09.30 4 Walls Falling (USA) +1
1993.11.XX Hellkrusher (UK), Dirt (UK)
1993.11.03 Moonlizards, Missing Millions, Combo Knus En Gezellig, Elvis Deadly
1993.12.16 Oi Polloi (SCO), Yphobia

1994.04.01 Battery (USA), Ancestral Sin
1994.05.22 Hellkrusher (UK), Dirt (UK)
1994.05.24 Sleep (USA)
1994.05.29 Horace Pinker (USA), Rat Patrol
1994.06.03 Catweazle, Grimskunk (CAN)
1994.06.11 Bambix
1994.06.14 Tromatism (FRA)
1994.06.17 Mind Over Matter (USA)
1994.06.25 Seein’Red, Human Alert, NRA
1994.06.28 Midzomernachtfeest
1994.08.01 Backdraft, Mouse
1994.08.19 U.K. Subs (UK)
1994.08.23 A38 (GER), Maggot Slayer Overdrive (UK)
1994.10.22 Coïtus, Sonic Jihad
1994.11.18 Mutiny (AUST)
1994.11.22 TV TV’s (USA)

1995.01.26 Schwarzeneggar (UK)
1995.02.04 Who’s Rachel (+ more)
1995.02.10 The Gravediggers
1995.04.11 Plainfield (USA), Mercury4 (SWI)
1995.08.19 Fuck Lowlands Punkrock Festival – Puur Punk, Adam’s Hand, De Stipjes, Fermented, C.K.N., Fermented, Boycot, Pislarven, Michael Jackzeun, Teenage Warning, Yphobia + more
1995.08.28 Citizen Fish (UK), Yphobia
1995.08.29 The Onyas (AUSTRALIA)
1995.09.19 Brawl (IRE)
1995.10.06 Dread Messiah (UK)
1995.10.13 The Rocking Tigers, A.A. And The Doctors, The Big Bastards, The Gravediggers
1995.10.21 Bigsby’s Howling Coyotes
1995.11.13 The Scats, Quarantaine (UK)
1995.11.17 De Stipjes (Gro), Jabberwocky
1995.12.01 The Coyote Men (UK)
1995.12.23 The Steve McQueens (GER), Sure Hesitate, Harass (Gro), Anti-Bitch
1995.12.28 Hiatus (BEL), Fleas And Lice, Boycot

1996.01.06 Teenage Warning, Bambix, Lovebite
1996.02.04 Jack Meat Beat (FIN), The Ultar Bimbos (FIN), Mega Slayer Overdrive (UK), Mick Spreader (UK)
1996.04.01 Disfear (SWE), Distress, Carnivoor, Job Crust
1996.04.24 Whatever (USA)
1996.05.12 Spite (UK), A38 (GER), Varukers (UK)
1996.08.17 Up The Punks Festival – Fleas And Lice + 10
1996.10.31 Dead And Gone (USA), Harass (Gro)
1996.12.10 Hellacopters (SWE), De Elstars

1997.02.28 The Steve McQueens (GER), Polder Kolder, Waste Your Money, Bateren, The Wimps Pones
1997.04.28 Isebel’s Pain (FIN), Smart Bomb
1997.06.08 Turbo Negro (NOR), Jeff Stryker Experience
1997.06.16 The Notalents, Stitches (USA)
1997.07.02 X-Rays (UK)
1997.08.22 Mad Punk Disease (Gro), Sick On The Bus (UK), Contempt (UK)
1997.10.10 Cellophane Suckers (GER), De R’Moons
1997.12.12 Rooster, Green Hornet (Gro)

1998.01.31 Varukers (UK)
1998.02.14 Spider Babies (USA), Hip Priests (GER)
1998.06.01 Sickness (FRA), Deer (FRA), Dislect (Gro)
1998.12.23 Tuco Ramirez, Scumbrigade (SWE)

1999.03.20 Jeff Stryker Experience, Varukers (UK)