(Amsterdam, 1977 – 1984)

Bio: Also known as Cilinders. Do their first concert on 22 October 1977 in Amsterdam. The guitarplayer make together with Ronald van den Brink/God’s Heart Attack the tune for Oorkussen, a national radioprogram of the VPRO. Do a reunion in 2009 and go to New York in November. Jolanda, Vincent and Kees will continue to play in The Marks.

Description: Punk or powerpop

Jolanda Markus – vocals
Vincent Verbeek – guitar
René Demets – guitar
Kees Ronday – keyboards
Ruud Nagel – bass
Christan Muiser aka Tomasso Tarantini – drums

Other Bands:
Jolanda Markus – The Marks, JP Den Tex
Vincent Verbeek – The Marks, De Munck aka Dorpsstraat
Kees Ronday – The Marks
Christan Muiser – A Girl Called Johnny, Big Shot And His Rocking Guns, Jump Dickie Jump

1980 – I Wanna Get Married 7” single (CNR, NL)
1980 – We Must Pay 7” single (CNR, NL)
1981 – Freddy Mercury 7” single (CNR, NL)
1983 – 8 song demo 01.1983 (Unreleased, NL)
2012 – De Cylinders CD (Base, JAP)

1978 – Muziekkrant OOR Presenteert Keihard En Swingend! (Live In Paradiso) LP (EMI, NL)
2019 – Bloodstains Across The World #3 CDr (Bloodstains, USA)

2009 – Met Het Oog Op Morgen – Radio 1

Concerts: (selected)
1977.10.22 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Split Enz.)
1977.11.11 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Ultravox)

1978.02.13 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Panic, Sammie America’s Gasphetti) (recordings Keihard & Swingend LP)
1978.04.06 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Roomsoezen, Cake, Stamp ’n Go, Peter Schneider, Houseband, Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, Carlsberg, Solution, Music Garden, CCC Inc., Meteors)
1978.09.08 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, Carlsberg, Meteors)
1978.11.30 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Tom Foolery)

1979.02.15 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Ze Popes)
1979.06.07 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Rousers, White Honey)
1979.12.27 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Nits)

1980.05.31 KRO’s Popconcert, Hilversum
1980.08.24 Oosterpoort, Groningen (+ Mecano, Echo And The Bunnymen, The Dummies, Jango Edwards)
1980.09.13 VARA’s Popkrant, Hilversum

2009.09.17 De Wereld Draait Door TV, Hilversum
2009.11.14 WMFU Radio, NY USA
2009.11.14 Cakeshop, NY USA (+ Gentleman Jesse And His Men, GG King, Georgina Starlington)
2009.11.15 Bruar Falls, NY USA (+ Gentleman Jesse And His Men, The Girls At Dawn)