(1976 – 1977)

Bio: When Fragile stops, Marius form in 1976 in Stadskanaal through an advertisement Crisis. Music is inspired by rhytmn & blues from the pubrockscene of Dr. Feelgood and Kursaal Flyers. Later influences are from the CBGB scene from New York City like The Ramones and The New York Dolls.
The very first concert of Crisis is in January 1977 is during a very tumultous NSVH party in a clubhouse in the Tuinstraat in Groningen. Next is on a schoolparty in Frascati, a discodancing in Stadskanaal. Highlight is the gig with The Police in de Kienstdobbe in Tweede Exloërmond. After this the band stops because of musical differences. The members join other bands and the brothers Schaap later start a P.A. rental called Frontline.

Description: Punk

Marius Dussel – bass
Allard Schaap – guitar
Ron Karseboom – drums
Harmen Schaap – guitar

Other bands:
Marius Dussel – The Zips, Fragile
Allard Schaap – Spikes, Geinband, Johnny Concrete, Five Points, Stringband, First, Stupefaction
Ron Karseboom – The Zips, The Protectors
Harmen Schaap – Reflex, Digit, Lay Out, Stringband, Slagerei, Vortex

1977.01.XX NVSH, Groningen
1977.01.28 Frascati, Stadskanaal
1977.03.19 Kienstdobbe, Tweede Exloërmond (+ The Police, Wayne County, Cherry Vanilla Band)

Source: Poparchief Groningen