(Groningen, 2003 – 2006)

Squatted in August 2002 but evicted soon after. Re-squatted 29 March 2003 and left in April 2006. This was a former shop and the owner is from the sexshop called “Christine Le Duc” next door. Squat consultation hours that help students and refugees, a meeting plus a bar is realized.

Concerts: (selected)
2004.01.31 Migraine Party
2004.03.26 Makiladoras, Ill11!, Skint
2004.05.15 Burn The Elite, Twisted System
2004.07.03 The Last Mile, Antillectual
2004.10.14 Criatura, Largact.III
2004.10.28 Shikari, Neutron, Ação Direta
2004.11.09 The Last Mile

2005.09.30 Makiladoras, Armagedom
2005.11.04 Seein’Red, Sangre, Mörser