(Hengelo, 1977-1984)

After the closing of Kreejennus and Fashion, there were initiatives to start an open youthcentre in 1972. On 30 March 1973 Babylon was opened in a former bar in the Pastoriestraat. It closed in 1977 and moved to another location to move again a year later to the Wemenstraat, in a former school. In 1983 they organised the legendary Doe Wat festival under the name Innocent (which became a division of Babylon and still is alive and kicking). The youthcentre was closed by the authorities on 1 January 1985 and is continued as youthcentre Innocent. On 18 December 1984 there was a last festival with a protest in the City Hall and 9 arrests. Social worker and booker Guus Sarianamual moves to the Chi Chi Club in Winterswijk. In 1985 the LP “Babylon: Bleibt Fahren” was released with bands that played the venue. On 28 November 2009 there was a reunion in the Metropool youthcentre.

Concerts: (selected)
1982.09.11 Splodgenessabounds
1982.11.06 Disorder, Amebix, Tubifex
1982.12.25 Neo Pogo’s, Amsterdamned, Dance Macabre, Holland’s Glorie

1983.01.15 Blitz
1983.02.04 Chron Gen
1983.07.30 Boegies
1983.09.03 B.G.K., Last Few, W.C.F.
1983.11.05 Rabies Vaccinated, Neuroot
1983.12.24 M.D.C., B.G.K., Crack Regiment, Frites Modern, Outrageous

1984.01.14 M.D.C.
1984.02.18 Crucifix, Pandemonium
1984.03.03 Stanx, Lärm, Bloedbad
1984.03.31 Zyklome A, Scoundrels, Wulpse Varkens
1984.05.26 The Nigheist, Black Flag
1984.07.14 Brigade Fozzy, Reggae Revanche, Murder Inc., M.O.G.
1984.09.22 Boegies, Dämerstickor
1984.11.27 Crack Regiment, Nokke, U.B.C.F.
1984.12.08 Amebix, Disgust, Brigade Fozzy
1984.12.28 Zottah + 2 Reggae Bands
1984.12.29 De Lombard Jacks, Brigade Fozzy, Murder Inc., Boegies