(1981 – 1984)

Meaning Bandname: Speaks for itself

Bio: Formed in June 1981 during a schoolparty. After Reindert got replaced by Onno, the Nie Wieder split cassette with The Mets was recorded on 28 December 1982 and got released in 1983.

Description: Punkrock

Onno Huisman – bass, vocals (1982-1984)
Piet Schuitema – guitar, vocals
Jurrien Schuitema – drums

Reindert Pestman – bass, vocals (1981-1982)

1983 – Nie Wieder TAPE with The Mets (Sabotage Records, NL)

Concerts: (assorted)
1981.11.06 Zwembadgebouw, Zuidlaren (+ The Mets)

1982.04.10 Sjangpouk, Delfzijl (+ Squips Razorblades, Maat 46, Mad Max, Thin Air, Error, The Mets, The Syndicate, Tunas Mida) (Springpop)

1983.04.04 De Molenberg, Delfzijl (+ Flavium, Error, Thin Air, Maat 46, Alfie Noakes, Croospatch, Tunas Mida, Commotion, Djazz Nanya, Tween 80, M’Bersausdera) (Springpop)

1984.04.23 Springpop, Delfzijl (+ Awful Noise, Ultrakort, Djazz Manya, Maat 46, Double You, The Fooks, The Syndicate, Traffic Jam, Tween 80, Crosspatch, Second Skin)