(Amsterdam, 1980 – 1983)

Bio: Forms after the split of Workmates. Mark and Harry teams up with Geurt and Charlotte to form the band. The other half of Workmates form the expermental band Tecnoville. After playing the Tuwat festival in Berlin (with the help of a benefit in Paradiso, Amsterdam), they organize the Dutch version. Geurt also films and records the ‘Rock Against Sonoy’ festival in Parkhof, Alkmaar. He also made the ‘Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat’ DVD in 2009. Charlotte is editor of Nieuwe Koekrand and is partner of Johan van Leeuwen. In 1982 Charlotte was replaced by Jan who was foung through an ad in mainstream music magazine Oor. When members didn’t get along anymore, the band split up after the recordings of the ‘Aanklacht’ tape in September 1983.

Paul – vocals (1982-1983)
Geurt van Gisteren – drums
Jan – bass (1982-1983)
Martin Woudstra – guitar

Charlotte Smits – bass (1980-1982)
Harry Stork – vocals (1980-1982)

Other bands:
Geurt van Gisteren – The Ex, Annelies & Jimmie
Martin Woudstra – Workmates
Harry Stork – Workmates

1982 – Aanklacht TAPE (Not On Label, NL)

1982 – Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zit LP (Vögelspin Records, NL)
2003 – 100% Pure Dutch Punk Hardcore CD (Not On Label)

1981 – Nieuwe Koekrand 55 (Geurt van Gisteren interview and Tuwat report)
1982 – BOH 4 (Harry Stork interview)
2006 – Martin Woudstra interview

Concerts: (selected)
1981.08.30 Tempodrome Tent, Berlin GER (+ Slime, Soldiers of Fortune, Middle Class Fantasies, Zusattzzahl) (Tu Wat fest)
1981.10.31 Hengelo (+ The Nitwitz)
1981.12.05 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Pléémobielz, Vopo’s and more)
1981.12.12 Shiva, Uithoorn (+ The Nitwitz)

1982.05.21 KWJ, Breda (+ Amsterdamned)
1982.06.05 Parkhof, Alkmaar (+ Pistache B.V., Svätsox, The Nitwitz, Tecnoville)
1982.06.09 Oktopus, Amsterdam (+ World War Rockerz)
1982.06.12 Babylon, Woerden (+ Pléémobielz)
1982.06.11 DAC, Haarlem (+ Rakketax)

1983.06.09 Kukuck, Berlin GER (+ Amsterdamned)
1983.06.11 Panke Hallen, Berlin GER (+ Amsterdamned, Original Talkatives)