(1981 – 1981)

Bio: During a gig in Ter Apel with Aigretjes and The Rags, the local youth begins throwing bottles. The bands escape but bump with their rental van into another car. To make a benefit for the damages caused to the other car, a couple of bands were formed like Pogostyx and this one. The driver of the van plays drums. They play songs called Terror Terror Terror Aopel, Ter Aopel Moakt Mie Stoapel and Dead Yokels and some appear on a Welvaartsstaat tape. The benefit concert never happens.

Theo Raben – bass
Martin Nuiver – vocals
Peter Jan Brouwer – guitar

Other bands:
Martin Nuiver – Aigretjes, Pogostyx
Peter Jan Brouwer – Aigretjes, Vijf Op Avontuur, Pogostyx
Theo Raben – Images Immortelles, Kleg, Reflex