(Eibergen, 1981 – 1982)

Meaning Bandname: Russian for peoples’ motorcycle and a Russian brand for a motorcycle. Frank took this name from a motor magazine.

Bio: Formed by Jeroen and Bastiaan in October 1981. Peter was a classmate of Bastiaan and asks Frank to join drums in the band. Bastiaan teaches Frank how to drum and they rehearse in the home of Bastiaan. Own songs (chords by throwing dice) but never recorded anything. Because of studies, the band falls apart.

Description: Hoempapapunk

Jeroen de Geus – vocals
Bastiaan Scholten † – bass
Peter Eekelder – guitar
Frank Sloos – drums

Other bands:
Frank Sloos – Null-A, Outrageous, Love Slug, The Kliek, Treble Spankers, Big Paulus, Van Dyke Brown, Kanipchen Fit, Blaffer

Concerts: (selected)
1981.11.28 Don Camillo, Eibergen (+ Vopo’s)
Chi Chi Club, Winterswijk

Source: Frank Sloos