Band: Vieze Mensen
Title: ‘t Klooster
Label: Selfreleased
Year: 1989
Recorded: live at ‘t Klooster, Groningen 29.04.1989
Comment: Comes with 4x A4 booklet
A01. N1 Enemy
A02. 6000 Yuppies
A03. Squatting Song
A04. Silly Song
A05. It’s War
A06. Dance Of The Blessed Spirit
A07. It’s Just Another Bloody Day
A08. Disneyland
A09. Flying |Trumpet
A10. I Wish
A11. 6000 Dead Yuppies
B01. Squatting Song
B02. Lalalala
B03. It’s War
B04. Blue Kloosters Blues
B05. Out Of Order
B06. Sex And TV
B07. Flying Trumpet
B08. About Ice Cream
B09. Arbeiter
B10.I Wish
B11. Final Meditatie