(1981 – 1991)

Meaning Bandname: Maurice was thinking of a commercial name like Venz (of the famous Dutch chocolate sprinkles) but Peter mentioned Venco and the rest liked it. Soon after that name was changed into Venco Star Class Punk based on the name of Venco Sterklasse Drop (a very popular Dutch liquorice). This is also made in their hometown of Roosendaal.

Bio: Formed by singer Maurice and drummer Pierre. Peter is asked to join because he has a guitar. Peter askes John to play bass although he is originally a drummer. This all happened in September 1981. The reason for the band is the Christmas celebration on the Norbertus Lyceum in Roosendaal (the school of Pierre and Maurice). For the very first time there will be a band with students alongside a band with teachers. The teachers and headmaster thought it to be too loud and ended the first concert of Venco after 20 minutes before an audience of 400. It gave them name and fame in Roosendaal. After four concerts, Maurice quits. During those four concerts Peter and John change instruments. After Maurice left, Peter took over the bass, John starts to play guitar and all three members do the vocals. René of Waste joins 2 times as a bassplayer and most concerts were in the Roosendaal, Oudenbosch, Breda, Halsteren area. From 1987 to 1991 there were no concerts and in december 1991 is the farewell concert. Twenty years after this concert there’s a reunion on 23 December 2011, exactly 30 years after the first concert.

Description: All styles with a punksauce. From tearjerkers like Manuela of Jacques Herb to MUD with Rocket. From Amii Steward with Knock on Wood to AC/DC with Let There Be Rock but also songs by Sex Pistols, Ramones and G.B.H. Started with own songs but covers are more fun to do.

Maurice Liberton – vocals (1981-1982)
John Konings aka Roger Stuff – bass (1981-1982), guitar & vocals (1982-1991)
Pierre Castelijn aka De Cast – drums (1981-1982), drums & vocals (1982-1991)
Peter van Caam aka PVC – guitar & vocals (1981-1982), bass & vocals (1982-1991)

Other bands:
John Konings – Waste, Axitt, Choke Funny, Buttscratcher 2000, Rosevalley Punkrockers, Wantootreefaw, Two Old Cocks
Pierre Castelijn – Scream Therapy, Beautiful People
Peter van Caam – Fine Fellows, Choke Funny, Buttscratcher 2000, Rosevalley Punkrockers, Wantootreefaw, Two Old Cocks

Never released anything.

2013 – Punk’s Not Deaf 2xLP (Repunkerator Records, NL)

Concerts: (assorted)
1981.12.23 Norbertus College, Roosendaal (Schoolfeest)

1982.01.15 ’t Kros, Roosendaal (+ Roest)
1982.03.27 Fatimahuis, Roosendaal (+ Waste)
1982.10.01 La Perla, Roosendaal
1982.12.19 La Perla, Roosendaal (+ Tröckener Kecks)

1983.02.18 Para, Breda (+ Vopo’s)
1983.05.27 De Harlekijn, Roosendaal
1983.06.22 Oktopus, Amsterdam
1983.10.08 S.O.J.O., Oudenbosch (+ Zipcode 7)

1984.01.20 La Perla, Roosendaal (+ Tröckener Kecks)
1984 De Wittenhorst, Halsteren (+ Wans)
1984 ’t Kros, Roosendaal

1985 ’t Kros, Roosendaal

1987.02.19 Elke’s Pub, Roosendaal

2011.12.23 Kadehuis, Roosendaal (Reünion)

2014 Heksenketel, Roosendaal (Reünion)

Source: Peter van Caam