Various – The Emo Armageddon 7″ EP 2005

Title: The Emo Armageddon
Label: React With Protest, Germany
Year: February 2005
Press: 1000
Additional: Cover is printed carbon paper with a colored piece of paper behind it //
A1. Louise Cyphre – Sellenhalma
A2. Boa Narrow – You Guys Vs. Eachother
A3. The Mock Heroic – At Your Disposal
A4. What Price Wonderland – Hands
A5. Utarid – To Heal And To Kill
A6. Danse Macabre – Merci Beaucoup, Warenform
A7. Zann – Durch Die Blume
A8. Am I Dead Yet – Monk Vs. Mingus
A9. Dasein – Odis
B1. Cease Upon The Capitol – Paralysis
B2. June Paik – Cocoon (Evolution)
B3. A Fine Boat That Coffin – Lasst Uns Den Jungen Nicht Vergessen
B4. SL-27 – Dude You Are Sooo Black Metal
B5. La Quiete – Una Vita Veloce
B6. Shikari – Gegen Geigen
B7. Daïtro – Vivre Ici
B8. Yossarian Is Drowning – A Message Of Dissent
B9. Raein – Armento Zo Bota