Uhgah? Wugah! – The Lighter Side Of Global Warming LP 2017

Title: The Lighter Side Of Global Warming
Label: Selfreleased, The Netherlands
Year: 2017
Recorded: Soundlodge, Rhauderfehn GER 09.2016 by Jörg Uken
A01. Conspiratio Infinita
A02. Maynard (You’re On!)
A03. Brutality In Blue
A04. I Want Some More
A05. Thoroughly Screwed
A06. Uhgah? Wugah!
B01. All Lies
B02. Discontent & Fear
B03. Pension Scam
B04. Need A War Want To Kill
B05. Unavailable At Heart
B06. Mousehunt
Comment: Comes with sticker