(1977 – 1979)

Meaning Bandname: The Kots (= The Vomit)

Bio: From Zaandam. One of the first punkbands in the region. Formed by members of countryrockband Buzz Benson and change the name around the summer of 1977. Influenced and playing covers by The Ramones, The Clash, The Damned, The Jam, Sex Pistols. The band is in a national radioprogram by the K.R.O. called Gort En Watergruwel by Peter van Bruggen about punkbands in The Netherlands in December 1977. They play an own song called Dance The Pogo. Also they are in a program of V.P.R.O. Radio. Play the first concert of the Drieluyck venue in Zaandam with Panic. In the beginning of 1978 thet get Russ Carney from the USA as a manager and gets them 4 times in the Paradiso venue. They replace X-Ray Spex in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Are forced to change the bandname into Heartbeat by the recordlabel in October 1979 because there’s another The Gods in the USA.

Description: Punk

Gert van Houts – bass
Juul Tuboloy – guitar
Jos Out – guitar
Geert Wolvers – drums
Jos Bart – vocals

Other bands:
Juul Tuboloy – Buzz Benson, The Heartbeat
Geert Wolvers – Buzz Benson, The Heartbeat
Jos Bart – Buzz Benson, The Heartbeat

Concerts: (assorted)
1978.03.03 Schouwburg De Esch, Almelo
1978.04.22 Perron 15, Ter Apel (+ The Flyin’ Spiderz)
1978.05.10 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Rousers)
1978.05.20 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Softies)
1978.07.22 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ The Flyin’ Spiderz, Rousers)
1978.10.19 Paradiso, Amsterdam (+ Willy Nilly)

1979.09.21 Kaasee, Rotterdam