(1979 – 1981)

Meaning Bandname: An encycliek is a letter from the pope and a meeting of cardinals. We have chosen for this name because it’s a nice name, and it has something to do with religion. In a certain way, it reflects the atheistic point of view from the members of the band. In fact, it is a dutch word combined with the English The, placed in front of it. So you have to pronounce it in dutch, not in english.

Bio: Four friends from Paddepoel (Groningen) founded The Encyclieks around September 1979. Like many others, it all started with the Sex Pistols. Two of the members have seen the Sex Pistols in Groningen in Huize Maas in 1977. Their interest in punkrock was born. Later they often visited Simplon, when it was already a punkclub. During their saturdaynight visits at Simplon, they formed a punkband. They had little musical experience, and started to learn to play the guitar, drums etc. Some of the members had no feeling for music and harmony at all. In fact, The Encyclieks is a second ‘generation’ punkband. In Simplon they had their first and their last gig. It was at a festival called ‘Martini on the rocks’. They played twice that evening, because they had only three songs. At the second running up, they where accomponied by another bassplayer (from The Chops), who had learned their songs in half an hour. Their own (original) bassplayer was too drunk to play. From the fact you could  learn their songs in a few minutes, you can conclude that the music was quite simple of structure and easy to play. All that counts was making a lot of noise, these days, and probably still is. After that gig they still came together to rehearse but no other performance was given. Wil became driver and responsible for the lighting for Boegies. Later in the 80’s, Ron and Wil still came together and made some music. They played Ramones covers and more funky sounding songs. They are still friends, but make no music anymore.

Lyrics: Just the common punk lyrics of these days. A lot of anti visions, were reflected in the lyrics. They have a song about the punk generation, the royal family and an anti religious song.

Description: 77 Punk, made in the beginning of the 80’s. It sounds a little bit like Discharge and the Vopos, at least, this was their ambition. Short and uptempo songs, with heavy, low key tuned, sounding guitars, combined with choral singing.

Wil Frikken – guitar, vocals
Ronnie Streetfucker aka Ron Wisdom – guitar, vocals
Jochem Cyankali – bass
René Destroy – drums

Other bands:
Wil Frikken – Black Pudding

1980.12.26 Simplon, Groningen (+ Røtzøløs, Abcess, Two Two 79, Iglo’s, Rode Smurfen, Aigretjes, The Chops, Jetset, Zmiv, No Explanation, P.V.S., Silent Fiction, Slonz, Rags, Hendomatix, Censuur) (Martini On The Rocks Festival)