(Asten, 1981 – 1983)

Bio: Formed 1 June 1981. Play own songs. Rehearsing with all instruments on one amp. There was no money to release a record. The final release has rehearsal and studio recordings on side A and a live recording of their last concert in O.J.C. Pepijn in Asten 1 July 1983. 60 copies were made. Jac does also the A-Tapes label which became Midas tapes.

Petra van Bommel – vocals
Jac van Bussel – bass
Bart Cuppens – guitar
Jurgen Jeninga – drums

Other bands:
Petra van Bommel – His Mother’s Pride & Joy
Jac van Bussel – Roel Meelkop & Sjak van Bussel, Bunkur, Club Rialto, Incubus, Kuttekop, LEWD, THU20, Jacinthebox, DMDN, The Pix
Bart Cuppens – The Pix
Jurgen Jeninga – The Pix

1983 – Where’s The Limit…Of Gewoon Het Einde! TAPE (Midas Tapes, NL)

1982 – Rare Jongens Die Punkers TAPE (Midas Tapes, NL)
1983 – 6 Scandals TAPE (Midas Tapes, NL)

Concerts: (selected)

(© Marc Heindrijcks)
(© Marc Heindrijcks)