Suffering Quota – Life In Disgust TAPE 2018

Title: Life In Disgust
Label: Tartarus Records, The Netherlands
Year: 2018
Press: 100
Recorded: Soundlodge, Rhauderfehn GER Winter 2017 by Jörn Uken
A01. Agnosia
A02. God Complex
A03. Apathy
A04. Fear (Of History Repeating)
A05. Anger
A06. Hate
B01. Disgust
B02. Cognitive Dissonance
B03. Inferiority Complex
B04. Thought-Terminating Cliché I
B05. Thought-Terminating Cliché II
B06. 101
Comment: Comes with screenprinted patch / Cardboard box with black embroidering like on patch //