(1980 – 1997)

Meaning Bandname: Storm and Stress, a period in German literature in which there was “disregard for dramatic rules, boundless wildness and rebeliousness in thought and language”.

Bio: Practise since may 1980 and came up with the name during a DAF concert in Kaasee in Rotterdam. Sturm und Drang played around 110-­‐120 gigs over the years (2 in Berlin in 1986 and 3 in Prague in 1990). Together with The Gang, The Muffdivers, Hollands Glorie, 3rd Generation, Formaline Ka, Bunker OESO, Flesh & Bone, Bat Attack, Ramona’s, amongst others. Supporting the Gun Club, Clock DVA, Nick Cave, The Nomads, Cosmic Psychos, Crime & The City Solution, Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, Jeffrey Lee Pierce Combo, La Muerte, The Scientists. Sturm Und Drang won a Rotterdam Rolled-­up‐sleeves­‐shirt Award for their, apparently, “sexiest gig of the year” in the Spiegeltent on 27.09.­1991. This semi-acoustic gig featured El Benito on flamenco guitar.

Description: Anything but straightforward punkrock.

Steef de Man – vocals (1980-1982) (1984-1997)
Bavo de Man – guitar
Martin Otter – guitar (1982-1997)
Jos Spruit – drums (1980-1997)
Chris van Velde – bass (1990-1997)

René van Steenvoorden – vocals (1982-1984)
Peer van der Weijden – drums (1980-1980)
Fons van der Weijden – bass (1980-1984)
Ernst Woltering – bass (1985-1989)
Marja van Lankeren – bass (1989-1990)

Other bands:
Martin Otter – Knoflox
Jos Spruit – Sgt. Walkman
Chris van Velde – No Prove, Moral Virtue, Climate Control
René van Steenvoorden – Muffdivers
Marja van Lankeren – Bunker

1984 – Sturm Und Drang 12” EP (Gunmen Shots, NL)
Recorded @ Ballad Sound, Vuren, mixed @ Reel Sound, Nibbixwoud
1984 – Wild Style Cries LP (Torso, NL)
Recorded & Mixed @ Reel Sound, Nibbixwoud & ML Studio, Den Haag (3 songs)
1985 – River 12” EP (Torso, NL)
Recorded @ Reel Sound, Nibbixwoud
1991 – Juice TAPE (Belker, NL)
Recorded & Mixed @ Via Ritmo Studios, Rotterdam
1994 – Sturm Und Drang CD (Not On Label, NL)
Recorded @ Holland Spoor Studio, Den Haag

2007 – Antiscene CD (Stichting Uitgeverij DUO, NL)

1981 – BOH 1

Concerts: (selected)
1981.02 Het Paard Van Troje, Den Haag
1981.11.14 Drieluik, Zaandam (+ Muffdrivers)
1981.11.21 Lindehoeve, Voorschoten (+ Dolbies)

1982.12.11 Spuit Elluf, Zwartsluis (+ Bunker OESO)

1985.03.14 Vera, Groningen

1986.11.22 ‘t Beest, Goes (+ La Muerte)

@ Het Paard Van Troje, Den Haag 02.1981