Sin Dios, Catharsis, April, Antichrist @ B-65 Club, Warsaw POL 26 October 2001

Our van broke down on the way to Warsaw. We were in mortal fears when the guy from a garage drove us to Warsaw in his van with 170 km/h. When he was driving, he talked and looked at us all the time. The Sin Dios guys yelled to him that he had to concentrate on the road. A small japanese van was arranged to drive us to the gig in Wrocław. We were sitting in the back like a can of sardines. On the road everyone was driving way too fast. Catharsis was behind us following in a large van with a swedish driver. The road had crossings on which drivers were suddenly turning . Everybody was tailgating, also the van behind us. When a driver turned on a crossing, everybody had to brake hard. This happened alot. With a little bit of distance there was no problem but after numerous gestures to the Swedish driver behind us he seemed to ignore us. As was our driver who was driving way too fast. It was just waiting for that deadly moment which came soon after. Our driver had to brake again. Hard. We saw the Catharsis van coming and thought our time was up. In a split second we see their van in the opposite roadside. They were lucky there was no traffic on the othe side otherwise it would have been deadly. The spaniards went to the Catharsis van fuming wit hanger but they were all in shock. This one ranks very high in my top 5 near-death experiences.

Organizer: Robert/Refuse


Sin Dios (Madrid, Spain)
Catharsis (Greensboro, USA)
April (Zambrów, Poland)
Antichrist (Lublin, Poland)