Shikari – Complete Discography TAPE 2007

Title: Complete Discography
Label: Yama Dori, Poland
Year: 2007
Press: Never released
01. Post Student Syndrome
02. Copycat
03. Robot Wars
04. …And Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out
05. Written In Some Depressing Mood
06. Encounters
07. You Know So Well
08. Fuel
09. In Existence
10. The Kids Shouldn’t Be Playing With Fire
11. Tekila
12. Attitude
13. Dead Men
14. Morning Wood
15. Utopia Dismantled
16. The Last Thing
17. Biela
18. Fall On Proverb (Unbroken Cover)
19. Ons Land
20. Nieuwe Politiek #1
21. Tijd Was Ons Niet Zo Gezind
22. Nieuwe Politiek #2
23. Laatste Halte
24. Verloren Bij Aanvang
25. God Zij Geprezen
26. Overwegingen
27. Nooit Te Stoppen
Comments: Here is the reason why it was never released: “during last 1-1,5 year there were some changes. almost nobody buys tapes now. producing cds in poland isn’t as expensive as it was 2 years ago. there’s still only one punk label releasing tapes here: trujaca fala, but they sell them mainly abroad on tours. it was very hard decision for me (especially while there was everything prepared, including all artwork and translations), but i had to give up the idea of making shikari, limp wrist and requiem tapes. i wanted to release them a lot. money isn’t a problem, i earned enough for it in england. problem is that the tapes would lie in a box in my room, because people prefer to buy cd or download mp3s and burn cdr. i hope you understand this shitty situation. if you want i can send you back all materials you gave me.” 28.08.2007