(Uden, 1979 – 1987)

Meaning Bandname: Found on a leaflet with the “Radio Ethiopia” LP of Patti Smith

Bio: Were named Punkpanthers before and change the bandname in Second Lesson when Dutch joined. The old name had limitations hence the new bandname. Dutch got his nickname because he used to live in England. The band seems to end in 1981 when Dutch returns to England to finish school, Eva went to study and Rens still had to do conscription and was detached to Lebanon. Ad moves from Boekel to Uden and succesfully asks others to continue the band. Dick was already roadie for Punkpanthers and knew all the lyrics. They rehearsed at Henk’s place and later at De Pul, the local youthcentre. To learn their instrument (Henk never touched a drumkit before) they played covers. Willia replaces Henk on drums because he got troubles with his hearing. In 1987 they change the name in The Bingo’s.

Description: Sound a bit like Tändstickorshocks.


Ad Donkers – guitar
Ton – bass (1981-1987)
Dick – vocals (1981-1987)
Beer – drums (1987-1987)

Willia van Houdt aka Wick Bambix – drums (1986-1987)
Henk – drums (1981-1986)
Rens † – vocals (1979-1981)
Eva – drums (1979-1981)
Martin Wijnen aka Dutch – bass (1979-1981)

Other bands:
Ad Donkers – Punkpanters, Shooting Skippies, The Bingo’s
Martin Wijnen – Baby Patrol
Ton – The Bingo’s, Brains No More
Willia van Houdt – Bambix
Rens – Punkpanters
Eva – Punkpanters
Dick – The Bingo’s
Beer – The Bingo’s, Bambix, G.O.H., Brains No More

Concerts: (selected)
1980.05.17 Simplon, Groningen (+ The Squats, Stadzguerilla)
1980.05.18 Doornroosje, Nijmegen (+ Tändstickorshocks, De Sovjets, Rode Wig, The Ex, Suspect, Rondos, Otto Link)

Source: Ad Donkers