(2002 – 2004)

Meaning Bandname: Not sure but probably something easy and taken from a lyric of an favorite band.

Bio: From different towns: Winterswijk, Barchem, Laren and Hengelo. Pascal, Bas and Kees form Revealed after Brickless stops. They ask Laurens on guitar and together with Nico on vocals the band is completed. Influenced by Youth Of Today, In My Eyes, Floorpunch, Mainstrike and Sick Of It All. In August 2003 a 3 song demo is recorded and presented on a concert in De Störtebeker in Arnhem. At the end of december Bas is replaced by Kees  (who played guitar) and Michel comes to play on guitar. Alot of concerts are done like 013/Tilburg, De Metropool/Hengelo and the Goudvishal/Arnhem. The Randrock Festival in Vriezenveen plus a German tour is done. The band stops when Nico leaves in August 2004.

Description: Youthcrew

Nico Welmer – vocals
Kees Dorsthorst – guitar (2002-2003), drums (2003-2004)
Laurens Wonnink – guitar
Pascal Beskers – bass
Michel Toenink – guitar (2003-2004)

Bas Dorsthorst – drums (2002-2003)

Other bands:
Laurens Wonnink – Strike First
Pascal Beskers – Born Infected
Michel Toenink – Human Demise, No Gods No Masters

2003 – Revealed TAPE (Not On Label, NL)
Recorded @ Backstreet Studio, Winterswijk by Jasper

2003.08.24 Stortebeker, Arnhem (+ Born From Pain, Shattered, Strike First, Enemy Ground)
2003.10.04 Metropool, Hengelo (+ No Turning Back, The Butcher, Icepick, Above The Struggle, Striving Higher, Against
Religion, Kudra Matra)
2003.10.26 Plankier, Leeuwarden (+ Icepick, O’Hara, Strike First)

2004.01.17 Utopia, Drunen (+ Line Of Defense, Act Of Ignorance, Icepick)
2004.01.23 Ojeesee, Hardenberg (+ Strike First, Act Of Ignorance, What Lies Ahead)
2004.01.25 J.C. De Kelder, Breda (+ Dark Intentions, Loss Of Words, Moment Of Truth, Death Pact)
2004.01.31 Popfront, Zwolle (+ Greyline, Symmetry In Chaos)
2004.02.06 Metalfront, Coevorden (+ Only Attitude Counts, Out Of Reach, Checkmate) (Hunebedhcfest 2)
2004.02.15 Goudvishal, Arnhem (+ Good Clean Fun, North, The Shards, O’Hara)
2004.03.11 013, Tilburg (+ Act Of Ignorance, Death X Champs)
2004.03.25 Peptalk, Ede (+ Chainsaw, Scheisse Minelli)
2004.03.26 J.C. Flashback, Vriezenveen (+ The Dead Scene Stars, Death X Champs, Razor Crusade)
2004.03.27 D’olde Skoele, Hattum (+ Among The Living, Panic Chain, Symmetry In Chaos, Strike First)
2004.04.04 Café De Stam, Almelo (+ Strike First, Among The Living, No Turning Back)
2004.04.23 Innocent, Hengelo (+ Champion, The Promise, Rise And Fall, Justice)
2004.05.01 Elbekurkie, Meddo (+ Disabuse, Seanpenn)
2004.05.20 Huisshow, Winterswijk (+ Strike First, Checkmate)
2004.05.29 Festivalterrein Flashback, Vriezenveen (+ Peter Pan Speedrock, Osdorp Posse, Skik, 16Down, Mark Foggo, Tankcsapda, Dragonfly, Bodyrot, Red Sky Burning, Aldjonoma, Liquid Baby, Shaggable Sluts, Vals, Beasty Jerks, Tiny Tones, Superhero, Drop-Out) (Randrock)
2004.05.29 J.Z. Scheune, Ibbenbüren GER (+ No Turning Back, For The Glory)
2004.06.11 Bazart, Den Haag (+ No Turning Back, Line Of Defense, Malle Pietje En De Bimboos, Dominator)
2004.08.06 Eisenach GER (+ Mental, Justice, Rise And Fall, Force Of Change, The Miracle, Strength Approach, Death X Champs)
2004.08.07 Leisnig GER (+ Backfire, Heaven Shall Burn, Born From Pain, Maroon, Strength Approach, The Miracle)
2004.08.08 Forrellen Bar, Gera GER (+ Strength Approach, Force Of Change)

Source: Nico Welmer