(2009 – 2011)

Meaning Bandname: Merge of New Reality and Two Two 79

Bio: During 2009, the time Albert from Two Two 79 was unavailable, Theo hooked up with Overlast, the former bassplayer of Teenage Warning and at the time playing in New Reality. They wrote 13 songs together, Albert joined in later and wrote lyrics and did the vocals on 4 songs. The other songs are written and sung by Overlast and Theo (first time vocals!). The music is a bit more ‘in your face’ then Two Two 79 and the lyrics are all in Dutch. This has been a very inspiring collaboration between the bands. Just like Two Two 79, Reality 79 is entirely D.I.Y. and all tracks are recorded and produced at home on aBoss BR900-CD.

Bert Martens aka Overlast – bass & vocals
Theo Heidema – guitar & vocals
Albert Visser – vocals
Johnny D. (drummachine) – drums

Other bands:
Bert Martens aka Overlast – Legal Axion, Teenage Warning, Kotton Krown, Bored!, Dorst!, Mad Idea, New Reality, Extreme Overlast
Theo Heidema – Two Two 79
Albert Visser – Two Two 79

2009 – Ik Pogo Mee CDr (Teenangel Radical Recordings, NL)