Rancid Grannies – Tape #1 TAPE 1991

Band: Rancid Grannies
Title: Tape #1 TAPE
Label: Selfreleased, The Netherlands
Year: 1991
Recorded: Groningen 29.10.1990 (Side A) / Live @ Vera, Groningen 03.01.1992
Comment: Different color sleeves
A01. Song Of Choice
A02. Fatal Day
A03. Waiting
A04. Rechten
A05. Vampier
A06. Drentse Hei
A07. Reëel
A08. Ferdie É
A09. Opendoen
A10. Death Factory
A11. Tussenstukje
A12. Song Of Choice
B01. Fatal Day
B02. Waiting
B03. Rechten
B04. Stampede
B05. Ferdie É
B06. Opendoen
B07. Reëel
B08. Arnie Burn
B09. Death Factory
B10. Drentse Hei
B11. Stoeprandjongeren Pcknick
B12. Surfride To Oblivion

Original sleeve