R.K.L. – The Best Of RKL On Mystic Records LP 1989

Band: R.K.L.
Title: The Best Of RKL On Mystic Records
Label: Mystic Records, USA
Year: 1989
Comment: Comes with Mystic Records postcard
A01. Think Positive
A02. Ded Teds
A03. Life In A Bottle
A04. Feelings Of Hate
A05. Life’s A Gamble
A06. Political Destruction
A07. Not Guilty
A08. Adolescent Death
A09. Beautiful Feeling
A10. Feelings Of Hate
A11. Chinese Rocks
B01. Beautiful Feeling Part II
B02. Pothead
B03. Senseless Violence
B04. Unborn Child
B05. Love To Hate
B06. Passing Time
B07. Why?
B08. Tell Me The Truth
B09. I’m Locked Up
B10. U.S. Steel
B11. Lies
B12. No Respect