R.K.L. – Rock’n’Roll Nightmare LP 1987

Band: R.K.L.
Title: Rock’n’Roll Nightmare
Label: Alchemy Records, USA
Year: 1987
Recorded: S.N.M. Studios, Santa Barbara CA. USA, 05.1987
Comment: Comes with 24 page booklet
A01. Scab On My Brain
A02. Hangover
A03. Meltdown
A04. Catch Your Breath
A05. Seein’ You
A06. Lay Your Weapons Down
A07. Coming Home
A08. Sargasm
B01. Break The Camels Back
B02. Blocked Out
B03. Tribute To The Jester
B04. Rock’n Roll Nightmare
B05. Alone Inside
B06. One Light, One Mind
B07. Find A Way


Rough tracks without vocals