R.K.L. – Greatest Hits Double Live In Berlin 2LP 1988

Band: R.K.L.
Title: Greatest Hits Double Live In Berlin
Label: Destiny Records, GER
Year: 1988
Recorded: Quatier Latin, West-Berlin, Germany 09.07.1988 on a 24 Track Mobile Studio
Comment: Comes with 16 page A4 booklet / released in 2011 as CD with a very informative booklet //
A01. Lies
A02. Hangover
A03. Drink Positive
A04. Scab On My Brain
A05. Ded Teds
A06. Seein’ You
B01. Blocked Out
B02. Rumors
B03. Tribute To The Jester
B04. Pothead
B05. Why?
B06. Find A Way
C01. Feelings Of Hate
C02. Tell Me The Truth
C03. Sargasm
C04. Senseless Violence
C05. Beautiful Feeling
C06. Berlin Rock City
D01. Life In A Bottle
D02. Break The Camels Back
D03. Lay Your Weapons Back
D04. Catch Yer Breath