(Uden, 1977 – 1979)

Meaning Bandname: Taken from the Pink Panther movies which were incredibly popular at the time.

Bio: Was formed in 1977 in Boekel after Rens and Ad saw The Damned and The Clash at Bilzen, Belgium in August 1977. They’re both fan of the “Live 1969” LP by Velvet Underground and thought to do it as well. Practise in the renovated farm of Eva who was not allowed to travel too far because of her age (14). Played alot locally and around Uden. Eventually change their name in Second Lesson.

Description: Punk

Rens † – vocals
Eva – drums
Ad Donkers – guitar
Arno – bass

Other bands:
Ad – Shooting Skippies

Concerts: (assorted)
1978.06.02 De Nieuwe Pul, Uden (+ Fabulous Anus, Smurven, Joja’s, Disaster)
T Tuin, Den Bosch

Source: Ad Donkers