Point Of Few, Looking For An Answer, Korrosiva @ Ateneo Libertario De Villaverde, Madrid SPA 29 December 2000

Another pithy drive. We take a non payroad and drink lots of good coffee and tea along the way. In this regard, Spain is a perfect country for touring. All gasstations and parkings have cafeteria’s where you can eat and drink for low prices. Once in Madrid, Eva drives straight to the concertplace. She has an excellent memory. We meet with Canino/Sin Dios and the people of the other bands. This place is a CNT union building with a big room for concerts and manifestations. It also is the home for the Anselmo Lorenzo foundation, which houses an extensive and most impressive library dedicated to world-wide anarchism and Spanish anarchism in particular. The weather’s drizzly and we have a hard time finding a good parking. We hear the anarchists in Madrid have a hard time with the media and the state. The CNT Madrid had a bomb outrage a couple days ago. Fortunately it didn’t go off. Too bad we only stay here about 12 hours coz we’re eager to know more. The concert is a benefit for the ABC and the first band Korrosiva is a substitute for Menos Ke Nada, who usually play with every Dutch band that visit Madrid. They play a very varied and tight set ranging from hiphop metalpunk (ala Habeas Corpus) and hardcore to ska-ish (ala Piperrak) and grind. Cool but too long – for over an hour. Looking For An Answer has a Denak member and a drummachine (I forgot its name). Superfast, short and intense crust and powerviolence. Rumours go that Canino/Sin Dios will join them as a drummer. Hmm. I watch the distro and socialize with my neighbour Raúl from Soulforce/Generator distro. PoF destroys the place. Now there’s about a 100+ crowd existing of every possible scene and everybody goes for it. Lots of movement and occasional crowdsurfing. After 15 minutes, a very restless Raúl can’t hold it anymore, leaves the table and races into the pit. A hilarious sight! We get a tasteful vegan dinner in the night and sleep in a suburb nearby. It’s been pouring rain.

Organizer: Canino/Sin Dios

Menos Que Nada
Point Of Few
Point Of Few
Point Of Few
Canino & Raúl

Point Of Few (Hoogeveen, The Netherlands)
Looking For An Answer (Madrid, Spain)
Korrosiva (Spain)