(1981 – 1982)

Bio: During a gig in Ter Apel with Aigretjes and Rags, the local youth start throwing bottles. The bands escape but bump with their rental van into another car. To make a benefit for the damages caused to the other car, a couple of bands were formed. Hence the beginning of Pogostyx. But the benefit concert never happens.

Marco Van Welzen – bass
Martin Nuiver – vocals
Sil – vocals (1981-1982)
Peter – drums (1981-1982)
Ineke Liesting – guitar (1981-1982)

Dennis – drums (1981-1981)
Peter Jan Brouwer – guitar (1981-1981)

Other bands:
Marco Van Welzen – The Rags
Dennis – The Rags
Peter Jan Brouwer – Aigretjes, Vijf Op Avontuur, Zizzle Zit And The Electric Chairs
Martin Nuiver – Aigretjes, Zizzle Zit And The Electric Chairs
Ineke Liesting – No-Song Kutkotz, De Katzenjammerkidz, Vijf Op Avontuur, Reflex, Kleg

1982 – Various – Het Syndroom TAPE (Welvaartsstaat Tapes, NL)

1981.12.26 Simplon, Groningen (Piss Offs, Zmiv, The Mets, Vultures, Kripo’s, Boegies, Zouptossu, Tomahawks, The Chops) (Rock Against Christmas)