(2013 – 2016)
Squatted May 2013 – Evicted November 2016

2014.01.11 Two Two 79 and more
2014.01.18 Komplex, Indifferent Sun, Kort Door De Bocht, Asbo Peepshow (UK) (Pleuropsonic)
2014.02.01 Papaformigas

2015.02.13 Obat, Koude Kermis
2015.03.28 Nix, Familie Veldhuis
2015.06.24 Foul, Chaos Synopsis (BRA)
2015.07.15 Uneasy Peace, Malamondo
2015.08.14 Crustenunie, Dis Disaster, MC Scallywag
2015.08.17 Thee Irma & Louise, Anaheim, The Obamas
2015.08.25 Rhys Crimmin And The Toms (AUST), Limonchiki And Three Dead Chinese
2015.08.27 Viva Zapata!, Bettie Akkemaai, Efa Spertramp
2015.09.04 Lobotomia (BRA)
2015.09.10 Flowers Of Flesh And Blood
2015.09.27 Gert Kleinkunst (BEL)
2015.10.07 Ultrasurf, Three Dead Chinese
2015.10.10 Ohmloud, Bareback
2015.10.13 Blackmail (HUN), Psykoanalyysi (FIN), Amnesia, Out Of Order
2015.10.27 Dorst!, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man (UK)
2015.11.06 Foul, Rott’n Damned, Narrig
2015.11.10 In Tongues GHC, Out Of Order
2015.11.14 Sick On Vacation, Bad Attitude
2015.11.18 Rational Anthem (US), Murderburgers (UK)
2015.11.24 Voodoo Healers, Smiley Virus
2015.11.26 No Nothings (UK), …And The Gods Made Coffee
2015.11.29 Mark Ayling
2015.12.11 December Youth, Never Grown Up, Narrig
2015.12.12 Shitfaced Mermaids, Gert Kleinkunst (BEL), Fucking Virgins, Nuage

2016.01.03 Vera’s Charm
2016.01.06 Gram +1
2016.01.09 Dote D’Aver, Sick Of Stupidity, Gewoon Fucking Raggen
2016.01.13 The Sixtieniner, Nono And The Sinking Ship,Mr Hoving
2016.01.16 Pleurop Sonic: Foul, Skandaal Fucking Virgins, Komplex
2016.01.23 Dutroux Party Crew, Hurricane Joe, Freak Show (Hell), Whale Hunters
2016.02.06 Wreckage, Dock 83, White Walls (GER)
2016.02.09 Tim Loud (UK), X-Ray-Cat
2016.02.11 Paulinchen Brennt (GER), Zerre, White Hand Gibbon
2016.02.12 De Introns, Elusive Disorder, Dorst, Out Of Order
2016.02.14 Shirtless, Kill Your Darlings
2016.02.20 Struggling For Reason (BEL), Overroeled
2016.02.23 Bait, Sovereign
2016.02.27 Great Escapes, 10 To Go
2016.02.29 The Eye Of Time, North To The Night
2016.03.06 The Second Sin
2016.03.10 Wake The Dead (FRA), No-ID
2016.03.24 Henrietta, Burnouts
2016.03.29 Raggalution, Will Tun & The Wasters
2016.04.01 GRAM, Charlie Bit My Finger
2016.04.03 Demerit (CHIN)
2016.04.15 The Sketchers, La Familia (GER), Ego Legio (HUN), Eat Defeat (UK)
2016.04.22 Kenji, Pagan Drive
2016.04.28 E-Egal (GER), Zibabu
2016.05.02 The Domestics (UK), 2 Sick Monkeys (UK)
2016.05.06 Chista Super Scary 23, Ricky Rehab, Icecream Universe, Vixen Scream
2016.05.14 Cry Excess, Stud Shit
2016.05.16 King Kong Blues (FRA)
2016.05.21 Foul, Overdrunk, B.I.T., Overroeled
2016.05.23 Bikini Beach (GER)
2016.05.27 King For A Day, Two Two 79, Dorst, 10 To Go
2016.06.11 Nono & The Sinking Ship, O-Bat, The Hostiles
2016.06.18 Out Of Order, Jerkbait
2016.06.24 Sinate (NZ), Inside The Artist’s Head (SWE), Dead Man’s Silhouette
2016.06.25 The Map, Dion, The Mudd
2016.08.14 Mowgly La Banda Salvaje (PER)
2016.08.24 Indifferent Sun, AOS3 (UK), Dreadnought
2016.09.01 Killer Jiller (GER), Suicide Bombers (SWE), Uneasy Peace
2016.09.19 Komplex, Rules (KRO), Left To Starve (KRO)
2016.09.22 Uneasy Peace, Marjinal (INDO)
2016.09.28 Surra (BRA), The Mudd, Jerkbait
2016.10.04 Tim Holehouse, Tim Loud, The Obamas
2016.10.10 Ultra, Betonrot
2016.10.19 IRK (UK), Envoys
2016.10.27 This Ends Here (UK), Regret (UK), System Bastard
2016.10.28 King For A Day, Dion, Angry Sometimes, The Gravediggers
2016.10.29 Vera’s Charm, Picuña, Out Of Order, Shoe Eating Rabbits, Cistem Failure, De Fuckups, Shitfaced Mermaids, Sick On Vacation, Aggravation, Dorst, The Mudd, Phoenatix, Komplex