(1979 – 1982)

Meaning Bandname: They rehearse in a pink apartment, plastic to “indicate” the time and they are all women.

Bio: The bandname is invented in 1979 by a friend and formed by an idea of Hella, in a meeting with José, who was already into music. Hella studied at the art Academy, where she asked fellow students Gerbien and Marietje. Kim joins on bass after an audition. Songs were own compositions. Their performances were lively with theatrical and artistic elements. Half way Marula replaces José and after a while Marietje left the band. After the concert in Berlin, Marula and Hella continued under the name Two Tone. The Two Tone foundation headed by Hella now develops projects in arts and music.

Description: Punk, New Wave

Kim Zeegers – bass
Gerbien Fricke – guitar
Hella Hertogs – vocals, keyboards
Marula Verbeek – drums, saxophone

José Verspaget – drums
Marietje Dekker – keyboards

1980 – Bla-Bla / Anger 7” single (Not On Label, NL)

1981 – Rock Tegen De Rollen LP (Rock Against Records, NL)
1982 – Venus Weltklang (First International Women’s Rock Festival) LP (Flame, GER)
2016 – The Art Of Punk (Part 1) CDr (Underdog Fanzine, GER)
2018 – Subnormal Girls – D.I.Y. – Post Punk – 1979-1984 Volume 3 LP (Waiting Room Records, GER)

1981 – Riezistuns 2

Concerts: (assorted)
1980.11.08 Rasa, Utrecht (+ The Softies, The Broads, Pin-Offs, The Nixe, The Removers) (Rock Tegen De Rollen)
1980.12.20 Drieluik, Zaandam (+ Flibbed Gibbels)
T.U., Eindhoven
Rasa, Utrecht
Doornroosje, Nijmegen
Vera, Groningen
Vrouwenfestival, Nijmegen

Source: Hella Hertogs