PCP @ Tijuana, Baiona SPA 12 March 1998

Wednesday 11/3 (day off on the road)
Long drive to Baiona in Galicia. No one knows a place to crash in between Madrid and Baiona so we decide to just drive, see where we end up and eventually squat a building for the night. The road from Benavente to Vigo is going through the middle of nowhere. We drive through some impressive landscapes, reminding me alot of Norway. Holland is boringly flat. Sometimes good for getting a free mind but overal it is too boring. Give me mountains anytime. It looks like we can get to Baiona in 1 day! Some lights on the dashboard start to flicker… We have it checked at a garage. Nothing serious. I pick up the phone again and surprise our contact that we arrive one day earlier. I know it is not usual for bands to arrive too early. We like being an exception. In Vigo (steep roads!) we are escorted to the local C.S.O./squat where we’ll have a good sleep.

Thursday 12/3 (Tijuana/Baiona)
The afternoon we spend in Baiona at the sea and the castle. The coast reminds me alot of Brittany. Very rocky with wild waves. The concertplace is a bar and we play solo for the first time. It starts early so we do a quick soundcheck and start off around 8:30 pm! There’s quite alot of people. I also see some very young children dancing…. Is this for real? Do I begin to suffer the consequences of serious headbumping? I still feel the pain. We have to stop after 40 minutes because I broke all my drumsticks… After the concert, a large group of punks enter the place. Too late! We get them some drinks instead to ease their pain. Around 1 am we have to head back to the C.S.O. in Vigo. Then those late-comers suddenly start to blame us for playing too early, that it cost them alot of money, blah blah blah… and while we leave, we get the finger and words… Real punkrock!
Around 2:30 am we are taken by surprise by this same group of rockers. They got a lift to Vigo from this tipsy and crazy English schoolmistress; and they all come to bother us some more. I’m lucky enough to have my set of earplugs at hand so at least there is some hours of sleep left for me.

PCP (Groningen, The Netherlands)