PCP, The Conglomeration Combo @ Eldslandet, Jönköping SWE 23 March 2001

Thursday 22/03 (off day)
It’s cold and snowy. We all took a lot of clothes to prepare for the skandinavian climate. During a tankstop near Lübeck we forget Margriet and Oene and leave them in the freezing cold. On the freeway we notice the mistake but cannot return before the next exit which is 10 km farther. Oops! When we return on the road to the tankstation, we end up in a police column. A big one. With anti-riot-vans, cars, trucks… the whole circus. This is definitely a delegation for the upcoming Gorleben protests (against the transport of nuclear waste) which will take place next tuesday. We feel kinda uncomfortable and are very happy to exit soon to pick up the unlucky ones. We enjoy the short ferry trip to Denmark, undergo no problems at the border and drive to Köbenhavn to take the new bridge to Sweden. Then at the Swedish border we get stopped. We must drive into a huge shed especially constructed for checking cars and people. We’re all led into a prison-like room, except for Eva who keeps an eye on the bastards that thoroughly check our car, equipment and personal stuff. Some of us got searched quite extensively and everyone got questioned about what we are doing in Sweden. It turns out they’re suspecting us to be euro-terrorists! Later we hear from our friends that upcoming weekend has somekind of European Union gathering in Stockholm and demonstrations/actions are announced. Then the dog comes in. It goes crazy on my drumkit, especially the basedrum. Hmm, maybe coz I had a cat sleeping in it sometime ago? Eventuelly they let us go, but even when we’re busy repacking the van and readying to leave, they’re still trying to find something going through the frontchairs. What a job. In Malmö we meet with our tourmaster Sniff, and drive to his place. A big and warm apartment in the centre of the city. Great!

Buying booze in Germany, a familiar sight
On the boat to Denmark
With our good friend Sniff from Malmö

The Conglomeration Combo (Mullsjö, Sweden)
PCP (Groningen, The Netherlands)