PCP, Second Rate, With Love, Done For, Winston, Amanda Woodward, Fist Fuck Produxion, Code Ishan, Newborn, Blackfire @ Todo Es #3, Luzy FRA 06 July 2001

PCP is scheduled last. That means playing around 2 or 3 o’clock in the nite. When we enter the stage, we see the whole field is still full of people. We seem to be the only crusty band playing this fest so there’s still a crowd. However, Pelle is missing. After a thorough search on the campingsite, some people find him down and out in a tent. Completely wasted. They pull him on stage and try to hang on his bassguitar but he keeps falling over. After playing some songs without bass, Rommert tries to pick it up but eventually we finish an improvised set with only 2 guitars.

PCP with Pelle
PCP without Pelle

PCP (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Second Rate (Basançon, France)
With Love (Milano, Italy)
Done For (Lyon, France)
Winston (Germany)
Amanda Woodward (Caen, France)
Fist Fuck Produxion (Paris, France)
Code Ishan (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Newborn (Hungary)
Blackfire (USA)