PCP, Restons Sobres @ Gaztetxea Leioa, Bilbao SPA 15 March 1998

Sunday 15/3 Last day of the tour. We have a shower (finally!), make some hot food and watch the Guindalera video (Super-Okupados!). I feel like reborn (before, I felt more like Super-Kostra) and we drive with Inaki to the Leioa Gaztetxe. It is a very nice place, almost like a barn, just outside industrial Bilbao. We unload the van and we meet with Alberto from Vertical Smile to pick up his vocal-equipment. We also meet with old friends Javi MRHC, Txakoly and a couple others. Cool. Back at the Gaztetxe, we see another band will play. Not too many people show up but some bunch from Portugalete do (hello Javi!). Restons Sobre is great. Lots of catchy and fast songs. What to say about PCP? It was the last concert. We have to go home again…sob. But first, listen to a local, singing A Las Barricadas out loud (but straight from the heart) and we preepare for dinner at 3 in the night. Also I hear old Dutch band Disgust (1984) coming out of the loudspeakers…. crazy! I’m sure I will miss all this shit when we’re home.

Monday 16/3 (Nantes) Long, long drive. So far, we have had no difficulties at or around the borders at all. We arrive late in Nantes but get welcomed by Romain and Bolzer. We get warm (!) food at 1 am and a good place to sleep.

Tuesday 17/3 (home) This is definitely the longest drive I have ever done in one day. At 8 am, the day starts promising: we cannot start the van – the battery seems to be dead. After 30 minutes we find a friendly car-driver to help us out. It works! We drive and drive and drive and arrive around 1 am in rainy Groningen. Back home again. I hope to go back sooner or later, with or without a band.

Gaztetxea in Leioa

Restons Sobres (Bilbao, Spain)
PCP (Groningen, The Netherlands)