PCP, Población Superflua @ C.S.A., Gijon SPA 13 March 1998

We check some carbreaking-yards on the way, for a new exhauster but it’s too expensive. The road to the C.S.A. is easy. I don’t need to call coz I remember it from last time (a beautiful selfmanaged place in a C.N.T. building). We finally meet with our tourmaster and co. Have to get some sticks first before shops close. Cheap! I wonder about prices for cymbals… It’s great to see all those friends again – almost like a reunion. P.S. is fun. Sounds very sloppy at times but certainly has it’s charm. Not too many people showed up but we all seem to have fun. It’s Friday the 13th and I break the rest of my cymbals… Two more crashes and one hiat-cymbal. Fuck, this is going to cost me. After the concert we wait an hour for the C.S.A.-crew. They love to clean. We love to plaster walls. Together we visit some bars and in one place we learn from Uge and co. how to drink cider properly.

The cidermaster
How many punx fit in the photobooth?
It takes ages to get to the sleepingplace
Pelle likes Fidel
Pelle harasses Fidel

PCP (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Poblacion Superflua (Gijon, Spain)