PCP, Pink Flamingos @ Ateneu, Badalona SPA 28 February 1998

The weather’s getting warmer now. I phone Badalona, but no luck. Fortunately I brought the maps of the Catweazle tour with me and since we also played Badalona (good memories!) we hope it is in the same place. At the Ateneu we meet with Abraham of E-150, and he confirms we play there. I pick up a brilliant “Andalucia solidaria kon Irak” poster. Later that evening, I get the surprise of my life. Jaska of Força Macabra is standing in front of me…. All the way from Finland?!?! Yes, but he’s visiting his friend and accidently picked up a flyer for this concert. Still crazy to see him again after we both suffered the freezing Selfish “Misery” Euro-tour in January 97. Actually Força Macabra was supposed to tour with Catweazle through Spain in may 97 but they stranded in Poland due to serious van-problems. Oh well. I only saw a small piece of the Pink Flamingo’s set but they sounded quite convinced. Good stuff. Hmm, by now there must be about 4 bands with the name Pink Flamingos… very confusing. It seems PCP is getting faster and faster. The others don’t mind, but I wonder if it sounds better. I promise myself not to run wild too much.

Ateneu Popular De Badalona

Pink Flamingos (Badalona, Spain)
PCP (Groningen, The Netherlands)