PCP, Kochise @ C.S.A. Entropia, Zaragoza SPA 04 March 1998

Monday 2/3 and Tuesday 3/3 (days-off in Zaragoza)
We have the choice of staying one more day in this villa and do nothing or head towards Zaragoza and party til we drop… Ofcourse we decide for the last option. I phone Zaragoza, but no luck. I get a fax-machine instead. I’m definitely worried. We just go for it and see in Zaragoza what to do. At least I remember the streetname for the Ateneo Libertario (where Catweazle played last year). After several useless phonecalls, we arrive at 12 in the night and find the Ateneo Libertario. Ofcourse it’s closed but there we find a beautiful poster for the concert (and see we play with Kochise from France). It turns out we play somewhere else. We go to that address but it’s closed as well. What to do? Stuck in Zaragoza? NO WAY. We call Groningen for the address and phonenumber for one of our Zara-friends. This turns out succesfully and we head for Anjel and Ursula to surprise them at 3 in the night! Nevertheless they are happy to see us. Good for us.

Tuesday we are dumped at Susana’s place and she becomes our official guide and Spanish teacher. I finally get to buy a telephonecard. This will surely save alot of money. In the evening we carry all the equipment to the Entropia local and check out the irresistable Mala Raza shop. I see ALL my bandmembers plus Eva looking for money. It’s definitely a good day for Budi and co. Here I bought some of the best punk/hardcore, also thanks to David who recommends me such bands as Banda Jachis (ex-Maniatica and without doubt one of my current favorites), Chicharrica and Habeas Corpus. Later that evening Kochise arrive all the way from La Coruña (9 hour drive), but leave for their sleepingplaces soon.

Wednesday 4/3 (Centro Sociale Entropia/Zaragoza; with Kochise)
Relaxing in the afternoon and the chance to take a shower. We listen to the Castellterçol tape and have a look in the city. I notice on several hilarious posters that this area/province is struggling for independance as well. Put Aragon back on the map. Later that day at the C.S.A. I meet with some people who were at the Catweazle gig last year. The concertcellar is very cosy and not too big. I like small places best. Kochise is great. They do alot of effort to spread their message internationally (translations in English and Castillian). Musically they’re very divers. This is a band I prefer seeing/hearing live than hearing on record. During the PCP set, I wreck my bassdrumpedal. It causes a long break. This is the start of a wreckage drumtour. I promise not to run wild on my drumstuff too much… After the concert, we have dinner at 3 in the night and next is party til dawn.

Relaxing in Zaragoza
Relaxing in Zaragoza
Eva sings along

Kochise (Paris, France)
PCP (Groningen, The Netherlands)