PCP, Frank Kastro, Lovestress @ Atzavara Club, Sant Feliu De Guíxols SPA 01 March 1998

I phone San Feliú, several times as usual, but no luck… I start to get worried about this telephone-system. With Catweazle it worked well but now it has been not too promising. About 30 km before San Feliú I try again. No luck. I need a telephone-card. These coin-phones are killing me but it seems to be difficult to get those cards. When I return, I see a bunch of people around our van. The organisers of the concert were already looking for us and now picking us up! And there’s even a Dutch person with them! It turns out Frank Castro is a nice fellow from Holland and tours around Spain with his German friend under the name Gumdrum. Arriving in San Feliú, we decide to check out the sea. Later, at the nice concertplace, not too many people show up. Lovestress from Hostalric is pretty good and sound very new school. Lots of midtempo metallic pieces. Their drummer has one of the most original cymbals I’ve ever seen; however, it makes no sound at all – too bad. Next, Frank Castro did his show – very techno with lots of symbolic shit and theatrical content. When PCP hit the stage, most people already left. Nevertheless it was a nice gig with lots of fun. Here we also met the people who organised the (cancelled) concert in Salt. Fortunately no hard feelings. Sleepingplaces are in a beautiful squatted villa about 15 km north from San Feliú, in the middle of nowhere.

Lovestress, Pelle carefully unmount that very special cymbal

Lovestress (Hostalric, Spain)
Frank Kastro (Germany)
PCP (Groningen, The Netherlands)